Exploring the underwater world to find nemo and see beautiful corals is absolutely great but has also become a common thing to  do once you get to Papua. But what if this time we can take you to swim with the largest fish on earth? Would you dare? 
Let me first introduce myself: my name […]
For the first time I set foot in the Arfak Mountains, I was greeted by beautiful views of the Anggi lakes. I was amazed that people could live here. It was so cold and they live so remote and so far from everything that I know. I, along with several relatives, arrived at our destination […]
Morning dawn and the first sounds of birds chirping, wow… how beautiful is my nature. This is my favorite wake-up call, deep in the thick rainforest, where you can still find those who are always faithful to inhabit the lungs of the earth. I love the jungle’s playground, especially to meet the beautiful dancers here, […]

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