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Travel Papua is here to help you with our wide range of tour packages that cater to different preferences and budgets. You can choose from our pre-designed tour packages that include popular tourist destinations and activities, or you can customize your own tour package according to your interests and schedules.

To learn more about our tour packages and customization options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Wild Life / Nature Tours

Culture and Forest of Malasigi

A blend of authentic experiences and breathtaking biodiversity in Malasigi village near Sorong. Discover with Travel Papua
Wild Life / Nature Tours

Rainforest of Sorong

Sorong Regency and the area beyond offers many adventures into the rainforests of Papua where you will find nature and jungle at its best.
Wild Life / Nature Tours

Explore Waigeo Island

Waigeo island in Raja Ampat is covered with tropical forests hiding the Wilson and Red Birds of Paradise. Explore the island’s treasures.
Wild Life / Nature Tours

Arfak Kingdom of Birds

If you love nature, endemic bird species and wildlife, visit the Arfak Mountains near Manokwari, to explore Papua’s incredible rainforest.
Cultural Tours

Biak Historical Paradise

During this tour history meets paradise. You will visit historical sites of Biak that conceal fascinating stories of WWII.
Cultural Tours

Korowai Tribe

The Korowai tribes in West Papua live in the least explored jungles of the world, known to built high tree houses in very isolated territory.
Cultural Tours

Cultural Jayapura

Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua. It is the largest and the most modern city in Western Papua with beautiful views.
Cultural Tours

Yali Valley Tour

The Yali Valley lies deep in the mountains of Papua. This is a very challenging trek for the adventurers among us.
Cultural Tours

Asmat Festival 2024

Asmat Festival 2024 will be held in October. It is an annual festival and gives you the chance to collect the best art form and see Asmat traditions.
Cultural Tours

Tour Asmat

A tour to Asmat with Travel Papua to discover unique art forms and visiting villages only accessible by longboat over muddy rivers.
Cultural Tours

Baliem Valley Festival 2024

The Baliem Valley Festival will be held early August 2024 in Wamena, Papua. Original tribes will gather and perform their wild and authentic cultures.
Cultural Tours

Cultural Baliem Valley

During this Cultural Tour you will travel through fascinating Baliem Valley in Papua that was discovered back in 1938
Under Water Tours

Surfing Amban Beach House

Papua is the perfect place for your next surf trip! Surf in front or our guesthouse Amban Beach House in, Manokwari and start exploring.
Under Water Tours

Kaimana Whale Sharks and Triton Bay

Who needs Raja Ampat if there is Kaimana? Far away from the crowd, best tropical beaches and spectaculair sceneries with whale sharks!
Under Water Tours

Nabire Whale Shark Adventure

Papua is one of the few places in the world where you can easily swim with whale sharks! In a very remote area of Nabire.
Under Water Tours

Explore Raja Ampat – Piaynemo and more

A private trip with the freedom of your own speedboat. Stay in local homestay on beautiful locations while exploring the best of Raja Ampat.
Under Water Tours

Exclusive Raja Ampat

An exclusive stay in the Raja Ampat archipelago, where you can explore the treasures of the world’s richest and purest marine biodiversity.
Trekking Tours

Wildlife Trekking Arfak

If you are an adventurer passionated about nature and wildlife then this challenging trekking tour into Arfak Mountain of Papua is for you.
Trekking Tours

Lake Habema

We go to and beyond the highlights of the Baliem to set up a camp and witness spectacular views of the Habema Lakes region.
Trekking Tours

Medium Trekking Baliem Valley

Be ready to go back in time and walk through the ancient world of the Dani tribes during this trekking tour.
Trekking Tours

Trekking Adventure Baliem Valley

Absorb the beauty of Papua in this trekking adventure through Baliem Valley, where you will cross the border of the Dani and Yali tribes.
Group Tours

Group Tour Raja Ampat 2024

Join our 5 days group tour to Raja Ampat in 2024. Date: 18 -22 July / 3 – 7 August / 20 – 24 August / 13 – 17 Sept. and more
Group Tours

Group Tour Baliem Valley Festival (5 – 10 Aug 2024)

Register for our group tour to the Baliem Valley Festival. 5 – 10 August, 2024. The Dani and Lani tribes will perform their wild, authentic culture!
Group Tours

Group Tour Korowai 2024

Join our 7 days group tour to the Korowai tribes. Date: 7 -13 July 2024 / 5 – 11 September 2024 / 16 – 22 October 2024
Group Tours

Group Tour Baliem 2024

Join our 7 days group tour to the Baliem Valley. Date: 3 – 9 July 2024 / 29 Aug – 4 Sept 2024 / 9 – 15 Oct 2024

Most popular destinations in Papua

Discover the natural wonders of Papua, Indonesia – a land of adventure and excitement. Whether you’re an avid diver, trekker, beach-goer, or history buff, Papua has something for everyone. Come experience the beauty of this amazing destination for yourself!

The Raja Ampat islands, literally meaning the islands of Four Kings, owns the treasures of the world’s richest marine biodiversity.
Paradise still exists. Find yourself far away from the crowd. Whale Sharks, splendid beaches, extraordinary dive sites, primary forests and mysterious ancient stories.
The Korowai tribes in West Papua live in the least explored jungles of the world, in very isolated territory. Their way of living is still very traditional.
Explore Manokwari and find the Kingdom of Birds in the Arfak Mountains, nice beaches in town and world class waves to surf on.
Did you know that Papua is one of the few places in the world where you can have a very unique experience to swim with whale sharks?
Experience the highlands and traditions of Papua by trekking from the villages of the Yali Tribes to the Dani Tribes.
Discover the cultural city of Jayapura and visit old Dutch settlements, Lake Sentani and art collections at the University’s museum.
Biak, once a battle field during WW II is now a friendly small island filled with history, traditional music, arts, white sandy beaches and the (un)inhabited Padaido islands.
The Baliem Valley lies in the highlands of Papua and is one of the most popular destinations as the mountains are a home to the fascinating Dani tribe.
A tour to Asmat with Travel Papua to discover unique art forms and visiting villages only accessible by longboat over muddy rivers.
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