Tours in Papua

Here you will find the collection of the various number of tours that we offer in Papua, Indonesia. From Raja Ampat, Manokwari, Baliem Valley, Biak, Jayapura, Nabire and much more. These tours are only an example and gives you an idea of what your can see in Papua. All tours are adjustable to your special travel interest and time frame. 


 The Yali Valley lies deep in the mountains of Papua. This is a very challenging trek for the adventurers among us. 


We go to and beyond the highlights of the Baliem to set up a camp and witness spectacular views of the Habema Lakes region.


The Korowai tribes in West Papua live in the least explored jungles of the world, known to built high tree houses in very isolated territory.


If you love the mountains and it's always beautiful sceneries and communities, a visit to the Anggi Lakes in the Arfak Mountains is highly recommended. 


The Baliem Valley Festival will take place on 8th - 10th August 2023. Original tribes will gather and perform their wild and authentic cultures.


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