If you plan to travel to Papua, it is wise to consider carefully what to bring from your home country. In the bigger cities of Papua, like Sorong, Manokwari, Wamena and Jayapura, most household items (like toothpaste, shampoo, snacks, towels etc) are available at the local supermarkets. However, there are certain necessities we strongly advise you to bring from home before traveling to Papua. 

 Below we specify in general what you need to bring when you travel to Papua as well as what extra to bring when traveling in certain, remote areas:

» General:

  • Torch
  • Trekking shoes, ankle high
  • Mosquito repellent with high concentration of DEET
  • Sunblock (30 to 50 spf)
  • Rainclothings
  • Extra batteries for your camera (sometimes there is no electricity available)
  • Personal medicines and malaria prophylaxis (see “Safety & Health“)
  • Long sleeves and trousers for the pre-caution of mosquitos

» Extra needs for certain areas:

  • Warm clothes during the night (All Trekking Tours + Arfak + Baliem Valley)
  • Water purifiers. Water is available from Mountain Rivers and is boiled. However we recommend you to use water purifiers if water is not bottled. (All Trekking Tours + Arfak + Tambrauw & Klasow Region)
  • Sleeping bag (All Trekking Tours + Arfak + Tambrauw & Klasow Region)
  • Sleeping matt (All Trekking Tours + Arfak + Tambrauw & Klasow Region)
  • Mosquito Net (All Trekking Tours + Arfak + Tambrauw & Klasow Region)
  • Water/reef shoes (Underwater Adventures and Trekking Baliem Valley)
  • Leech proof socks (Trekking in Arfak, Tambrauw, Klasow Region)


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