General Travel and booking conditions Travel Papua

  • Article 1 Establishment travel contract 
  • Article 2 The travel range of Travel Papua 
  • Article 3 Payment
  • Article 4 The fare
  • Article 5 Duration and programs
  • Article 6 Luggage, travel documents and travel documents
  • Article 7 Amendment by the traveller
  • Article 8 Cancellation by the passenger
  • Article 9 Amendments and cancellation of the travel agreement Travel Papua
  • Article 10 Liability of Travel Papua
  • Article 11 Obligations of passengers

» Article 1 Establishment travel contract

1. The travel agreement will be established by acceptance from the traveller of the proposition of Travel Papua.

2. Once the booking is confirmed it only can be cancelled according to the cancellation policy as stated in Article 8 of this travel agreement.

3. If the traveller is a minor, a parent or guardian of the minor need written authorization.

4. A traveller who enters into an agreement for several persons, jointly and severally is liable for all obligations arising therefrom. Those for whom this agreement is closed, each is responsible for their own part. a. The traveller is obliged to implement relevant personal data of himself and of the persons for whom he / she is travelling with and for whom this agreement is for. This information has to go directly to Travel Papua after confirmation. Information like, age, disability, chronic illness, diet. This includes, if available, the number of his / her mobile phone and email address.

b. The traveller also has to notify any special details regarding the nature or composition of his notified group of travellers that may be important for the proper performance of the Travel Papua tour. If he fails to provide information and this means that the traveller (s) by Travel Papua of (further) participation in the trip in accordance with Article 11 paragraph 2 is (are) excluded, in that article it referrers that the costs will be charged to the traveller.

5. If the travellers, at the conclusion of the travel contract, prefer on Travel Papua to provide services as for a particular seat in an airplane, the location of a hotel room, etc., Travel Papua will take these preferences wherever possible into account. This is, however, despite any indication to travel documents, not legally binding.

 » Article 2 The travel range of Travel Papua

1. The travel range of Travel Papua stated on the website. Obvious errors or mistakes on this website are not binding to Travel Papua. Such errors and mistakes are errors and mistakes – from the perspective of the average traveller – as such at first sight is has to be recognizable.

2. Travel Papua is not responsible for general information photos, brochures, advertisements, websites and other media, where the responsibility of third parties have made or issued.

3. The proposition of Travel Papua is non-committal and, if necessary, can be revoked. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the price or other errors is permitted. The revocation must be as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after acceptance with justification. The passenger, in that case, is entitled to get immediate reimbursement of any paid funds.

 » Article 3 Payments

1. At the completion of the travel agreement will require the traveller to pay the fare. Transferring the amount into the bank account of Travel Papua makes the payment. The amount due stated in the invoice sent with the booking confirmation. The bank charges payment by the payer.

2. The deposit of the booking is 25% of the total amount with a minimum of € 250, –

3. The deposit must be made within 10 days of receiving the invoice to the account of Travel Papua. The remaining payment has to be transferred, 2 months before departure, on the account of Travel Papua. If the traveller departs within six weeks, the entire bill has to be paid after receiving the invoice. 

4. When the payment has not been transferred and it is too late, the traveller is in neglect. After he / she receives an email with a notification, that it is still possible to transfer the money within 7 workdays. If the amount, after 7 workdays, has not been transferred yet, the contract is deemed to cancel on the day of neglect. In such case the provision of Article 8 shall apply and the refund will be settled for the costs of cancellation.

 » Article 4 The fare

1. As published on the prices are per person and include only the services and facilities as defined on the arrangements of Travel Papua.

2. The published travel is based on prices, exchange rates, levies and taxes as of Travel Papua known during publication.

3. Travel Papua reserves the right, to increase the costs of the travel agreement until 14 days before the day of departure, due changes in transportation, fuel costs, charges and exchange rates.

 » Article 5 Duration and programs

1. The website of Travel Papua specify the duration of in whole days, with the day of departure and arrival, regardless of the time when all days are counted. Not the times indicated on the website, but the times listed in the travel documents are as final dates of departure and arrival. 

2. Incidental or structural changes to the timetables and schedules of the local airlines, the travel time change. Subject to any claims by the traveller completed travel and / or cancellation; the traveller is not entitled to a refund from Travel Papua of part of the holiday. Furthermore Travel Papua is not liable for damages resulting from delays. If during the journey as a result of these changes is extended travel time, costs for additional accommodation on behalf of the traveller.

 » Article 6 Luggage, travel documents and travel documents

1. The traveller is responsible for having his or her own required documents. This includes legitimacy requirements, valid passport, required visas, proof of immunizations and vaccinations, and possibly an international driving license. The traveller is also responsible for the relevant authorities to obtain necessary information and time before departure to verify the departure and arrival information, has not been changed.

2. Several countries have for advice and regulations in the field of health. The traveller is responsible for medical information to be gained from a vaccination bureau, tropical Institute, Public Health Service or GP. All travellers should be further responsible for ensuring that the necessary pre-travel vaccinations and prophylaxes are obtained on time.

3. Also, the traveller must have a valid travel and accident insurance during the voyage and prove it with them at all.

4. The confirmation gives an overview of the itinerary and together with the invoice is also proof of booking. Both should be well preserved.

5. Not later than 7 days before departure, the traveller receives his / her travel documents.

6.If the travel documents are not on time, the traveller will have to contact Travel Papua within 5 days before departure.

7. If the traveller is not (entirely) able to participate in the trip due to the absence of any (valid) document, this at all times, the consequences for his / her account. Travel Papua is not liable.

8. Travel Papua is not liable for any loss, damage or loss of luggage, legitimacy requirements such as valid passport and required visa and travel permit and other travel documents.

 » Article 7 Amendment by the traveler

1. The traveller may request to change the travel agreement, 28 days before departure. If the request for modification is not constitute as a cancellation, Travel Papua will, without being obliged, change this.

If there is a change in the new invoice that has to be sent, this automatically means that there is a charge of € 25, – change fee, plus of course any additional costs of travel. Within 28 days before departure it is impossible to change in general.

2. Attention! To change a flight ticket, the conditions of the airline will apply.

 » Article 8 Cancellation by the traveller

1. If a contract is cancelled, the additional booking and cancellation fee will be charged to every traveller. Cancellation of the travel agreement by the traveller has to be submitted by email. The date of the sent email counts as cancellation date. Note: Once flight tickets are issued, there will be no refund. 

By cancellation every traveller has to pay these following expenses, which can be refunded from the head booker:

* Cancellation until 2 months before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 25% from the whole payment.

• Cancellation from 2 months until the 30th day before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 50% from the whole payment.

* Cancellation on the 30th day until the 14th day before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost 75% from the whole payment.

* Cancellation on the 14th day until the day of the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will cost the whole payment.

» Article 9 Amendments and cancellation of the travel agreement Travel Papua

Those who choose for adventures traveling will also choose certain risks. Local conditions at the destination and the adventurous character of

the trip that Travel Papua is offering, could force Travel Papua to adjust the trip while traveling. Changes due bad weather, also fall within the scope of this article. The adjustments could mean leaving from another airport, or travelling with another vehicle and a different driver (if possible with the same type) etc. Such changes in itinerary may result in exceptional cases those itineraries, excursions, accommodation and local transport will differ from the booked program as indicates. If Travel Papua is forced to make alternatives, the traveler can be sure that the quality and intent of the trip, as possible, still maintain. Travel Papua will limit any detrimental effects. In these circumstances, Travel Papua and the passenger could make new arrangements, about the changed verdict, which will be considered as part of the original travel contract.

2. Travel Papua is entitled to change the travel agreement for important reasons to modify a particular component. In that case, the passenger is entitled to an alternative trip, which is at least equivalent to the changed travel, or a refund (of the advance payment) of the price or a proportionate part thereof, where the journey has already been partially received. If the traveler wants to use his / her right to a refund, he has to contact Travel Papua within 24 hours after the amendment, to notify this to Travel Papua.

3. Travel Papua has to notify all changes in the travel agreement and the circumstances that cause the changes, immediately to the traveller.

4. If the changes mentioned in this article occur after the beginning of the trip, Travel Papua will ensure that appropriate alternative measures will provide the continuation of the booked journey. When Travel Papua is impossible to arrange this, or if the traveler has reasonably determine reasons not to accept the alternative arrangement, then Travel Papua will ensure that the traveler returns to the place of departure or to another, between the passenger and Travel Papua agreed place of return.

5. In case of force majeure, including among others meant by terrorism and bombings, war, political unrest, natural disasters, extreme weather, strikes or non-performance of agreements by airlines, Travel Papua can cancel or change the travel agreement, as mentioned in the article, within 30 days before the start of the trip and during the journey. The travellers will be notified immediately about these circumstances. The passenger has reasons outlined above, no claims against Travel Papua except the breach of agreements by which the carriers travel time is shortened.

6. If the Department of Foreign Affairs issues a travel warning, Travel Papua will take this advice, in this case, paragraph 5 of this Article.

 » Article 10 Liability of Travel Papua

1. Travel Papua is liable for the proper performance of the obligations arising from the travel agreement. Among the obligations arising from the travel agreement, the traveller should have the proper expectation based on the publications on the website of Travel Papua, taking account of facts of common knowledge relating to particular destinations. The implementation of the travel agreement will also be judged on the basis of customs, art, infrastructure and restrictions and habits, that at the end of the adventurous nature of the voyages of Travel Papua entail.

2. Travel Papua is not liable for damages resulting from:

a. shortcomings in the implementation of the travel agreement under circumstances which are attributable to the traveler, including the health condition of the passenger;

b. actions and influences not directly involved in implementing the conditions of third parties;

c. loss or theft of belongings of passengers in / out by Travel Papua rented vehicles, rooms, etc. 

d. circumstances not attributable to the fault of Travel Papua and / or by law or in the accepted standards are not reasonably attributable to Travel Papua

 » Article 11 Obligations of passengers

1. The traveler is required to read the instructions of Travel Papua very carefully (or the serving local guides) and to follow and promote the proper execution of the trip. The passenger is liable for damage caused by failure to fulfill this obligation.

2. If the traveller is causing annoyance or trouble, thereby the trip is very difficult to preform, he / she can get excluded from further participation by Travel Papua or the guide that is leading the trip. If the effects of embarrassment or inconvenience can blame on the relevant traveller, this all resulting cost will be for his / her expense. In this case, there can be no refund given for the items that was not enjoyable and could not have been done during the trip.

3. If the traveler is not satisfied with the trip, he / she should contact Travel Papua directly (within 24 hours of the complain) to be entitled for an alternative trip as mentioned in point 9 of this article. 


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