Safety & Health

» Health:

We recommend consulting the health service in your country 6 to 8 weeks before the departure in order to get yourself well informed on the possible health risks when traveling to Papua. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, DTP and Typhoid as well as Malaria prophylaxis are strongly recommended. There is no prophylaxis against the Dengue fever so pre-caution is important. We recommend you to bring mosquito repellent with a high concentration of DEET from your home country. When traveling in Papua, you should cover your legs and arms with long clothing especially during sunrise and sunset. These are the times the mosquitos are most active. You should also bring medication for travellers’ diarrhea. Medical care in Papua is moderate but not available when traveling to remote area.

» Safety:

During all tour activities you will be accompanied by a local guide. A local guide knows the area the best and the people of the community personally.

Occasionally, some local disturbance occurs making it impossible to visit a certain area. When you travel to the Baliem Valley in Wamena and to the Korowai tribes, you need a Travel Permit. This is always included in your package we have always manage to obtain one. For other destinations in Papua, a Travel Permit is not needed. We are well informed and kept up to date about the local situation. If an area is unsafe, local authorities will inform us about this and we will not organize any tours there. This rarely happens, but if the situation is out of control, we will adjust the route of your tour or in the worst case, cancel your trip.

Please note: when you travel in Indonesia, you are bound to the laws of the country. 

All health and safety standards are subject to change as directed by local governments and these will be updated accordingly.

» Covid-19:

The health and safety of our travellers and our staff is our top priority, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. Travel Papua is in close contact with the local authorities and health departments regarding the latest updates of health and safety issues in the country and within Papua. Indonesia has lifted all corona relates restrictions and international travellers are not longer required to show a covid certificate upon arrival. Thermal screenings of body temperature at international airport may still apply.

Travel Papua implement health and safety standards that are in line with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and guidelines posted by the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel Protocols for tour operators.

For more information on the WTTC Safe Travel Protocol:

Please refer to Indonesia Ministry of Tourism Update page for the latest news and refer to their FAQ for the most updated news related to visiting Indonesia:

Updated:  November 2023

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