Best time to visit Papua – Indonesia

» General conditions:

The climate of Papua in Indonesia is tropical. This means high humidity rates, plenty of sunshine and rainfall when we least expect it. 

» Temperatures:

In addition, the average temperature all year around is high; around 30°C during the day with a nightly minimum of 25°C at sea level. Also the sea water temperature is considerably high, around 28°C. However, please be aware that in the mountainous areas the temperature can drop to 15°C and even lower and it can be cold in the evenings and nights. 

» Seasons:

From May – October and is considered the dry season and you can visit the following area:

Baliem Valley
Merauke & Korowai

The rain season in Papua is not as dramatic as in Bali or other parts of Indonesia so you can visit above destination throughout the year.

Surf Season starts in October and last until April.

Birding Season is best from June – October

» Best Time to visit Raja Ampat and Kaimana:

October until April

In general we can say that the underwater visibility for diving and snorkeling in Raja Ampat is good all year around, so you can visit Raja Ampat throughout the year. However, we would specify that the best time to visit Raja Ampat would be from October until April as the winds are not as strong.

Kaimana has the same season as Raja Ampat, only during the off season (May – September) the seas are too rough so we do not organise trips in this time period to Kaimana.


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