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Travel Papua works as much as possible directly with local Papuan guides, Papuan accommodation owners and non-profit organizations which support the local communities like the Woman Centre P3W.

We try to have a low visitor impact in Papua by increasing the awareness and knowledge about the sustainability and environmental issues among our guides as well as our guests. Please read our Code of Conduct and learn more about the local manners. This will help you to interact easier with the local people.

» Women’s Centre P3W:

The women’s center P3W has its head office in Jayapura and 3 other branches in other parts of Papua. Two of them are in the Baliem Valley and one in Teminabuan. P3W strengthens the position of women in rural areas. Women from all over Papua come here to this training centre to get internal training up to a year. They learn about for example nutrition and hygiene. They also learn manual skills like sewing, cooking and making handicrafts, all from which they can earn a small income. The training is given by Papuans for Papuans. How does Travel Papua support this? We recommend our guests traveling to Jayapura and Baliem to stay in the guesthouses of the P3W, unless they explicitly ask for another accommodation option. The guesthouses of the P3W are very clean with a personal, cozy touch.