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Our people

We are a Dutch – Papuan run Tour Operator specialised in customised package tours into the wild territories of Papua, Indonesia. We aim to preserve the culture and nature of Papua throughout traveling.

Theo – Program manager

Before I moved to Manokwari in 2013, I worked  6 years in Bali as a surf instructor & guide. Before that I was traveling and doing different tourism projects in different parts of Indonesia. It is great to be back in Manokwari, it is my home. I was born in Bintuni which is around 5 hours drive from Manokwari. The original name of Bintuni is ‘Steenkool’, which means stone cole and was given by the Dutch. Nowadays I work on travel programs in Papua. I know that many places in Indonesia are being promoted as ‘wild’ and ‘untouched’, but believe me.. you couldn’t find any wilder and more untouched place in Indonesia than Papua. It is pure and I am so happy to help you to explore it!

Alice – Guide

Hi! My name is Alice and I almost finish my English studies. I decided to study English because I want to continue my career as a guide and work in tourism. When I have free time from college, I guide guests within Manokwari or to the Arfak mountains to see the birds of Paradise. Sometimes I bring guests to Numfor, a beautiful small island which is only 20 minutes by plane or 5 hours by boat. If things do not go as planned (afterall… we are in Papua and things can change!) I always find a way out.  For example, at the time when there was no flight or public boat connecting Numfor to Manokwari I had arranged with local fishermen to join them for the trip when they went to sell fish to the markets of Manokwari. Then we could return to Manokwari safely, so don’t worry and come explore Papua with us 🙂 !

Matias – Guide Manokwari / Arfak Moutain

Hello, I am Matias and I come from Numfor. A small island. I do all I can to satisfy the guests. Because you come from so far away to visit us in Papua, so you are our guest and we want to make you happy! I can show you the Birds of Paradise in their natural environment in the Arfak Mountains, trekking in primary jungle or show you historical places around Manokwari.

Marthen – Guide in Yalimo Valley

People from my village used to walk 3 days to go to Wamena. When I guide guests it is at least double, sometimes triple the time! We used to walk a lot in the mountains every day to go to our gardens that are build on steep slopes. That’s how still many of us live. I really enjoy showing people where I live. It is less known than Baliem-Valley and countrified, but very, very beautiful. When you come to Yalimo, you hear the mountains whisper through the wind… I hope more people will come to Yali and I hope to be your guide then. 

Anggi – Travel Designer

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