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West Papua is huge and we are very proud of all our trustworthy staff and guides on location, who make sure the tour runs smoothly. West Papua remains a challenging destination to travel to, but with our local knowledge and dedication we make sure you will get the best experience. Meet our team:

Travel agent for Indonesia and papua

Theo Oldet – Guide and Co-Founder Travel Papua

Before I started Travel Papua I worked and lived in the Toursim Industry in Bali for over 15 years. I was traveling and doing different tourism projects in different parts of Indonesia, so I learnt a lot about the pro and cons of tourism. It is great to be back in Manokwari, because this is my home. I was born in Bintuni which is around 5 hours drive from Manokwari. The original name of Bintuni is ‘Steenkool’, which means stone cole and was given by the Dutch. I know that many places in Indonesia are being promoted as ‘wild’ and ‘untouched’, but believe me.. you couldn’t find any wilder and more untouched place in Indonesia than Papua. I came back to support local Papuan communities in developing eco tourism in their remote villages and am also consultant for Tourism Department of West Papua.

Travel agent for Yali valley

Riani Ukru – Operational Executive and Sales Assistance Travel Papua

Hallo everyone! I am a staff of Travel Papua, my name is Riani Ukru. I was born and raised in Papua so I really love everything about Papua. The people, the nature and also the culture. Before I worked in Travel Papua, I explored many incredible places in Papua like the Arfak Mountain, Raja Ampat and more. So I already have the previous experience needed, to join this great tour operator. I really love my job, because I get to know other amazing places in Papua that I haven’t visit yet. Also I get in contact with many people all around the world and have the chance to work together with many great agents and tour operators who work with us to arrange their guest trip to Papua. My main responsibility is to arrange all the aspects in the field, but I also assist in preparing programs. I hope that people out there can visit Papua to witness its beauty, the nature and the uniqueness of the culture of Papua through us, Travel Papua.

Travel agent for Korowai & Kombai Tribes

Andreas Mahuze – Guide Travel Papua in Korowai & Kombai Tribes

Hello!! My name Andreas. I was born in a small village called Tagaepe, sourounded by nature and jungle life. After my studies in the Tourism Academy Nusa Dua in Bali, I worked for a few years in a European Cruise Line Costa Croacere Italia visiting famous town and countries around the world. Now I dedicated my self to develop Eco Tourism in Papua specially in remote villages. I am a tour guide for Travel Papua to visit jungle life and exotic traditional tree houses of Korowai & Kombai tribes. I live with my family in Kepi. Beside guiding tourist, I also work at the local government office.

Travel agent Biak and Manokwari

Matias Rumbruren – Guide Travel Papua in Manokwari & Arfak

Hello!! Hello, I am Matias and I come from Numfor. A small island. I do all I can to satisfy the guests. Because you come from so far away to visit us in Papua, so you are our guest and we want to make you happy! I can show you the Birds of Paradise in their natural environment in the Arfak Mountains, trekking in primary jungle or show you historical places around Manokwari. I am also the head of HPI (Guide Association in West Papua). Hope to meet you here!

Guide Travel Papua in Yalimo Valley

Marthen – Guide Travel Papua in Yalimo Valley

People from my village used to walk 3 days to go to Wamena. When I guide guests it is at least double, sometimes triple the time! We used to walk a lot in the mountains every day to go to our gardens that are build on steep slopes. That’s how still many of us live. I really enjoy showing people where I live. It is less known than Baliem-Valley and countrified, but very, very beautiful. When you come to Yalimo, you hear the mountains whisper through the wind… I hope more people will come to Yali and I hope to be your guide then. 

Travel papua

Khasperd Towongga – Guide Travel Papua in Wamena, Asmat, Korowai

My name is Khasperd Towongga.
I am from the Lanny tribe but I live in the Baliem Valley in Wamena. My job is a tour guide of Travel Papua. I speak four tribes local language. From the Dani, Lanny, Yali and Korowai tribe language. Dear all if you visit Papua I hope I can be your guide and you can see my culture and from other tribes. Please contact us in Travel Papua. Thank you.

Dutch guide Papua Wamena

Anggi Sengkerij- General Manager Travel Papua

Hi all! My name is Anggi, but for some people I am also known as Marjolein. That is a typical Dutch name, because I am from the Netherlands :). How I ended up in Papua? I was born in Angguruk, in the Yali Valley (the highlands of Papua) in the 80’s. My father ran the local hospital in this small village and I used to live a free childhood surrounded by nature and the beautiful Yali tribe. After my studies in the Netherlands I decided to come back to Indonesia, especially to Papua to built up Travel Papua. Because I truly believe people should see this last paradise on earth and I know how difficult it sometimes can be to travel around in this remote area! Besides that, I am dedicated to help the local Papua communities to create a living out of tourism.


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