When traveling to Papua, an underdeveloped island where not only the accessibility but also the society differs in so many ways from the western world, we ask for your flexibility. Sustainability is one of our most important goals and therefore, we are asking for your help to preserve it. If we all keep in mind the following key points, we can leave positive thoughts and manners behind to our Papuan hosts. Be respectful using our approach.

» Examples: 

  • Ask before taking a picture.
  • Say no with a smile, it always helps.
  • Communications often goes indirectly and humbleness is the key word to many things.

» Know the local manners:

  • Take off your shoes whenever you enter someone’s room or house.
  • Do not sniff your food, the people will compare this with dogs or pigs.
  • Always show respect to elders and official authorities.
  • Use only your right hand to take or give something, to wave or to eat with. Using your left hand is a no-go. It is only used for wiping your bottom…
  • When we closely walk pass a group of sitting people, always bend a bit forward to show our respect and excuse ourselves as we get ahead of them.

» Donations:

  • Please, think before you give something. The temptation is high to give to people who have so little, especially to children. But what happens if we keep giving? The people will assume they always will get something from the next visitor and so soon the begging will begin and no sustainable development in the economy is made.
  • If you want to give material support to the locals, its should be given to the guide who will then forward it to the parents or head of the village. We think it is better that people receive donations from their own people, instead of the “rich tourist”. Because unfortunately the “rich tourist” is the way many Papuans see our travellers.

→ When you see our guides do something in contradiction to sustainability (for example throw away garbage to the nature) please point this out to them. We can all learn from each other. 

Thank you! ♥


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If there is no reaction (e.g. time differences or public holidays) please send us an mail