Here you will find the collection of the various number of tours that we offer in Papua, Indonesia. From Raja Ampat, Manokwari, Baliem Valley, Biak, Jayapura, Nabire and much more. These tours are only an example and gives you an idea of what your can see in Papua. All tours are adjustable to your special travel interest and time frame. 


Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua. It is the largest and the most modern city in Western Papua that besides beautiful views has great Papuan traditions and a fascinating history.  

Tour Duration: 3 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 287€


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The Korowai tribes in West Papua live in the least explored jungles of the world, in high tree houses and very isolated territory. They did not know about a world beyond them, until 1970. Until today they remain dependent on the forest and have excellent hunting and fishing skills. During this tour we will travel deep into the southern lowland forests of Indonesian New Guinea.

Tour Duration: 7 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from € 1943

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Wildlifetrekkingarfak8 If you are an adventurer passionated about nature and wildlife expeditions then this challenging trekking tour into Arfak Mountain of Papua is ideal for you. You will explore the wonderful wildlife that hides in the thick jungle of Papua, including several species of the Birds of Paradise and Tree-kangaroos.

Tour Duration: 6 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 463€

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10714487 1531026240475579 5954311893191307879 o If you love for the wilderness and its amazing residents you must visit the Arfak Mountains near Manokwari, to explore Papua's wildlife and incredible nature. Nearby the beautifully located jungle eco-lodge, your home-base during this tour, you will find a great number of endemic bird species (including several birds of paradise) that inhabit Papua's primary forests. 

Tour Duration: 5 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 440€

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During this Cultural Tour you will travel through fascinating Baliem Valley in Papua that was discovered back in 1938 and nowadays is still inhabited by the traditional Dani and Lani tribes. The valley is situated in the center of the impessive great mountain range of the Jayawijaya regency in central Papua.

Tour Duration: 5 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 678€

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Be ready to go back in time and walk through the ancient, different world of the Dani tribes during this trekking tour in the southern part of the Baliem Valley. This is a tour where you go back to the roots of Papua and challenge yourself to meet the most beautiful people in the most fascinating environment. 

Tour Duration: 5 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 492€ 

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Fulltrekking5 Absorb the beauty of Papua in this full trekking tour through Baliem Valley, where you will cross the border of the Dani and Yali tribes. A tour where you go back to the roots of Papua and challenge yourself to meet the most beautiful people in their most fascinating and isolated environment. 

Tour Duration: 11 days

Price Estimation: Starting from 920€

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Lesser Bird of Paradise Couple

Sorong Regency and the area beyond offers many adventures into the rainforests of Papua where you will find nature and jungle at its best. We will take you to look for the Lesser Bird of Paradise, King Bird of Paradise and 12-Wired Bird of Paradise.  Also you can spot other wildlife from cassowaries to wallabies. 

Tour Duration: 5 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 338€

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Resort North Wide

An exclusive stay in the Raja Ampat archipelago, where you can explore the treasures of the world's richest and purest marine biodiversity. The untouched underwater world is one of the most valuable natural heritages there still is.

Tour Duration: 6 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 1261€ 

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Waigeo island in Raja Ampat is covered with lush tropical forests hiding two species of the Birds of Paradise. Therefore, the island offers suprisingly more than just a quick transit hop to the other islands of Raja Ampat. Explore the unknown wilderness and beauty with us and visit the magnificent Mayalibit Bay.

Tour Duration: 5 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 417€

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Are you looking for uncrowded, world-class waves? If that's a yes, Papua is the perfect place for you to surf! There are beautiful surf breaks in Biak, Manokwari, Jayapura and other places all around the island of Papua.

Tour Duration: As long as you wish!

Price Estimation: On Request

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Biak is a coral island located in the Cendrawasih Bay on the northern coast of Papua. It has a fascinating combination of history and natural beauty of waterfalls, deserted beaches and tropical island views.  

Tour Duration: 4 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 344€


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Did you know that Papua is one of the few places in the world where you can easily see and swim with whale sharks? These majestic, endangered animals can grow up to 12 meters! It is a special experience to get to swim with these rare, enormous creatures that are known to be very gentle and docile.

Tour Duration: 4 Days

Price Estimation: Starting from 377€


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Experience the highlands and traditions of Papua by trekking from the villages of the Yali Tribes to the Dani Tribes. The Yali Valley lies deep in the mountains of Papua. This is a challenging trekking tour and not for the faint-hearted. The Yali Valley was discovered in 1962 and has remained untouched and isolated until today.

Tour Duration: 11 Days

Price Estimation Starting from: € 1510

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  • The Dancer in The Jungle
    Written by in Blog
    Morning dawn and the first sounds of birds chirping, wow... how beautiful is my nature. This is my favorite wake-up call, deep in the thick rainforest, where you can still find those who are always faithful to inhabit the lungs of the earth. I love the jungle's playground, especially to meet the beautiful dancers here, our own prima donna. According to the stories of the local people and ancestral myths, they are called fairies who descends from heaven. We call it the Cenderawasih Bird, people from the Middle East call it the Phoenix Bird, and they from the land of…

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5 October 2018

Mansinam Island, Manokwari 
West Papua